It had to be an official visit alone, instead took few days off to enjoy Auckland on a personal front too.  After 3 official days, time to roam around.

One of my senior friend took me directly to one tree hill, only because it was closest to his home . We rode past the cornwall park  on a Friday evening . Cornwall was a pleasant park with lot of health freaks around. It was a bit cold out there on top of the one tree hill. Not an amazing view, but relaxing to look at the sun set. Could see heaps of sheep here and there. New zealand is a country of sheep. For every human in New Zealand there are three sheep.

I resided at best western president hotel, conveniently opposite to sky tower. Hotel was comfy. Taxi fares were too high. Every now and then I was forced to do a mind forex, converting NZD to INR.  Did some home work and found out that the hop on and hop off was cheaper and covered most of the important locations I wanted to see.

Went to the museum first so that I can cover museum and start my hop on hop from there. Museum definitely will have something for every age and interest. Volcano, dinosaurs, army and air force might, all put in a beautiful display. Volcano model house was excellent.

There are two routes, red and blue lines to hop on and off. I chose blue. Though commentary was unclear, free WIFI helped google the missed ones.  Spent few dollars in westfield and moved on. MOTAT was an interesting place to visit. Took free tram ride to the aviation museum.  If you are a plane lunatic like me, You will never want to come out of this place. Variety of models on exhibit.  Don’t even remember the number of shots in the camera. Simply loved it.

The final destination was sky tower. It was an awesome view and professionally managed location too. Circle around to see a 360 degree view of Auckland and few of the islands too. Couldn’t resist stepping on the glass, to check if it was as strong as it was mentioned on the notice.  Food at the Dosa plaza reminded me of my home town.

Just to repeat myself, that the entire itinerary was planned as a loner and keeping in mind to avoid places I will visit in near future with family.