Mt.Batilamu pure bliss

We were a family of two with three kids under age 10.

The road from Lautoka to the village is a bit muddy, hence advice to take a 4WD. Though the villagers asked us to avoid kids, we took the risk of taking them along (I have had previous trekking experience with them and know their limits).

Post paying the entry fees, we said we will stay up there overnight and return next day. We were accompanied by 2 local villagers. It took us 4.30 hours for us to reach the top. Villagers helped us in carrying the kids for a while. It is a dense rain forest but the beauty is that mother nature spared Fiji from wild animals. Hence the least we bothered was to reach up-hill before dark. The uphill walk definitely tested our mental and physical strength.

When you reach on top, you are able to see a small plane’s view of three major cities- Ba, Lautoka and Nadi. BREATHTAKING!

There is a small hut which can contain up to 15 members over night. Simply nothing to do. But we loved the no-electricity, no-mobile place and extended another day of stay. The villagers brought all amenities required for the next day from the village.

If you are a person who is not inspired by thrills, mountains , trekking..etc this is not the place to be.

On the way down we were led to a falls and barged on a Jamoon fruit tree.

Awesome experience.


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